About Us

The solutions available today for sponsors to manage their imaging clinical trials are expensive, error prone, inefficient, and non transparent. They are typically based on picture archiving and communications systems (PACs) or research information systems (RIS), which were originally developed for the medical/ hospital segments and poorly reverse engineered to meet the requirements of the clinical trial segment which are substantially different. In addition, most of the traditional options available to sponsors rely more on manpower rather than technology. This has resulted in solutions which provide very little control to the sponsors during the trial resulting in avoidable budget overuns, delays and risks to the trials.

Radiant Sage's solutions exemplify how IT can be leveraged in clinical imaging trials to enable the smooth acquisition, processing and delivery of information on a timely basis. It is the only technology solution in the market today built specifically for enabling sponsors take control over their imaging trials and seamlessly integrate imaging into the overall trial data.

Our Value

The company and its products are built on the following 6 inviolable EIFCCT fundamentals: