Core-Lab-in-a-BoxTM harnesses progressive technology and clinical expertise in a powerfull integrated service. Our customers have experienced dramatic reductions in time and have gained control and visibility critical to the successful outcomes of their projects. They have right-sized their resources and have effectively managed outsourced services.

Provides a software infrastructure which includes all the key functionality of an Imaging Core Lab

Enables a sponsor to have complete control via "real-time" access to data throughout the trial Enables access to required data within minutes rather than weeks via data acquisition and storage methods

Offers a sophisticated archival system enabling the development of bio-markers by providing easy access to data from previous studies

Provides regulatory compliance to ensure source data passes regulatory scrutiny

The system is highly secure providing process-controlled access to multiple organizations both within the sponsor's organization and to external parties Offers various delivery models (SaaS, PaaS and Enterprise Licenses) providing the flexibility to start a trial and collect data within weeks using private or public clouds Specifically built for clinical imaging trials, not reverse engineered PACs/RIS system Enables standardization of clinical trial management with workflow customization where required

Eliminates the need for image transfer with the remote image rendering capability and analysis

The Web based viewer enables ubiquitous use of Readers and Key Opinion Leaders Helps rapid system set up and data acquisition via individualized e-learning Enables easy interoperability with the Web 2.0 platform and open standards