Who are we looking for?

We are looking for Software developers willing to relocate to Hyderabad, India with the following traits:

  • You must be a fearless programmer. You are not afraid to admit what you know and what you don't know. If you don't know how to do something, you just go ahead and learn it.
  • You must be self-driven and self-motivated. We look forward to you coming to office everyday and sharing with us about this new feature that you dreamt of.
  • You must be exceptionally good in programming and have a very good domain knowledge in your field of interest. Language no bar, domain no bar, experience no bar.
  • Open mind and flexible. You must be willing to take risks.
  • Get things done.

We are suckers for code and if you show us code that you have written or your contribution to some opensource project, it will be a breeze to convince us.

Are you sold yet?

Send an email to hr@rsageventures.com with the following:

  • Resume
  • Code or Contribution to some opensource project(Very important, we will not accept resumes without this). We will also need a short write up on what your application does and how we can run it and test it. Short of ideas? See below.
  • Statement Of Intent - Please tell us more about yourself and why you think you are good fit in our company.

We believe that the best way you can prove yourself as a software developer is with code. If you would like to work for us, showing us your code would get you a long way.

If you have any open source software project that you started or contributed to or created a fork from (language/technology no bar), we want to see it. If you don't have any public code to show us, please write some that you can make public.

In case, you're devoid of ideas for a new project, you can pick one from the following list. (They vary in complexity, so be careful what you pick :))

Project Ideas

  • A program to extract out images from an OpenOffice Text file (.odt)
  • A program/webapp to find the degree of separation between two twitter users (if A follows B but not C, and B follows C, compute A -> C as 2)
  • A software to figure out a crossword grid for a bunch of words. A symmetric grid will be even cooler.
  • A program to automatically figure out appropriate astyle options from given source files or code snippets
  • An MSPaint-like simple image editor, but with each shape individually selectable, movable and deletable, like in Gimp or Inkscape
  • A thunderbird extension to show a thumbnail of attachment/s in a message as tooltip when the mouse hovers over the paperclip icon in the attachments column in the list of messages
  • A zoomable, pannable user interface for viewing GnuPlot plots

Your software need not be über perfect, but it has to be functional and usable. While you are free to use any language or technology, please ensure that a user (like us) is able to compile/run it using tools that are available for free legally. Your program should run on atleast one of Linux, Windows or Mac OS X.