Core-Lab-in-a-BoxTM is a unique purpose built clinical trial imaging management software package. It is a comprehensive technology solution providing you with all the key functionality of an imaging core lab without the associated expense and risk.

Core-Lab-in-a-BoxTM will facilitate study execution, regulatory compliance and exploratory research. And all this via a SaaS delivery model in a secure, regulatory compliant environment enabling you to have a trial up and running within weeks!

With Core-Lab-in-a-BoxTM you are able to collaborate with readers and anywhere in the world without having to move physical images. The data can be hosted and shared in a private cloud or at Radiant Sage's hosting center without compromising your QA/ QC requirements.

Product Highlights

Core-Lab-in-a-BoxTM harnesses progressive technology and clinical expertise in a powerfull integrated service. Our customers have experienced dramatic reductions in time and have gained control and visibility critical to the successful outcomes of their projects. They have right-sized their resources and have effectively managed outsourced services.

  • Rapid trial start without any investment in infrastructure
  • Customised workflows with each trial or standardized workflows from trial to trial
  • Use of readers and Key Opionion Leader’s anywhere in the world
  • Individualized e-Learning for sites
  • Online collaboration
  • Secure and regulatory compliant environment

Product Features

Core-Lab-in-a-BoxTM is a fully integrated clinical imaging solution, built on Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) and adaptable to individual sponsor needs. It is a cost-effective technology driven approach to clinical trial imaging management allowing user-defined flexibility in the extent of ownership and control of digital image data.

  • QA/QC prior to import of images
  • Multi-modal image/ data loading via HTTPs, FTP, media etc.
  • Built-in server-side image rendering
  • Remote image rendering and analysis
  • Online collaboration tools
  • Automated analysis tools for quick and accurate diagnosis
  • Interrogation through any set of image or trial parameters
  • Search and retrieval through standardization rules, a variety of query interfaces and the ability to re-use complex queries