Our History

Radiant Sage was established in 2006 with an unmatched passion and determination to change the way clinical imaging trials were being managed with something far superior which would result in substantial benefits for the sponsors as well as the various participants in the trials.

In 2007, Radiant Sage had the privilege of winning a joint development contract for building a clinical imaging platform from one of the top three pharmaceutical companies in the world. And this gave Radiant Sage a firm foundation to build on!

The contract was won after an elaborate bid process which was highly competitive with participation from some of the major global IT solutions providers, CROs and Imaging Core Labs. We believe that the win was due to Radiant Sage's entrepreneurial spirit, deep IT/ Clinical knowledge and unshakable commitment combined with the joint development partner's willingness to try a revolutionary and game changing approach.

The clinical imaging platform resulting from a two year effort is the foundation based on which our two primary products Core-Lab-in-a-Box™ and RadVista Viewer have been developed and successfully launched.

We wish to acknowledge our joint development partner and first customer for having the belief and faith in us, without whom we would not have been able to achieve our dream of delivering these game changing solutions to our customers.

Today, two of the world's top five Pharmaceutical companies and other smaller and successful research companies are our customers with numerous trials running on our platforms. Our product versions 1.0 and 2.0 have been in use since 2007 with many of the additional features and fine tuning done based on sponsor and user feedback. Core-Lab-in-a-Box™ and RadVista are mature products today with customers using them for more and more trials. The Enterprise Archival system has been in use for over a year and will be ready for full commercial launch in late 2011.