Process Stages

  • Data Acquisition - multi-modal DICOM (CT-Scans, MRI, X-rays, Ultra-sound, PET/CT, SPECT/CT) and non DICOM data via HTTPs, FTP, DICOM, physical media etc.
  • Data Gate - conversion for standardization, QA/ QC
  • Archival/ Repository - security, backup, retrieval, archival and retention
  • Processing Interface - interim results, endpoints, export, import, and interfaces to 3rd party tools
  • User Interface (Viewer)- search, image viewing,reporting, security, and access

The Archival/ Repository module enables the transmission, viewing, reading, and sharing of clinical images to the various participants in the trial as dictated by the protocol. The viewer is web-based with automated custom or standard workflow capabilities which will allow distributed or centralized reading.

The open standard interfaces allow the capturing and sharing of DICOM and non-DICOM data enabling easy interoperability with the other systems and adaption to new trial designs and future applications.

Product Modules

Data acquisition across all sites is performed in a consistent and auditable manner to reduce any variability that could put the trial itself at risk. The import QA/ QC module via a standards-based interface will ensure that the images are not deposited into the Archive/ Repository unless they meet the protocol, quality and regulatory requirements established early on.

Core-Lab-in-a-BoxTM is built using open architecture with the key modules mapped to the five process stages:

  • Capture
  • Gateway
  • Import Verification & Anonymization
  • DICOM Interface
  • Download & Export Content
  • Export Anonymization
  • Results & Analysis
  • Navigation & UI
  • Data Dictionary
  • Index Search
  • Security
  • Compliance
  • Remote Rendering
  • Metrics
  • Reports
  • Workflow
  • Integrated eCRF