RadClinica (also known as Clinical Trial Management System or CTMS) provides immediate efficiencies and cost savings for clinical operations by providing a single, centralized trial management system to orchestrate operational, financial, contractual and administrative activities. RadClinica allows sponsors and service providers to intelligently manage the complexities of multiple clinical trials across multiple sites.

It centralizes crucial information and provides tools that enable coordination within the stakeholders involved. Imagine seamless communication, real-time information and, most importantly, knowledge of what is happening everywhere, all the time. Instead of relying on disparate pieces of information, often in direct conflict with each other, RadClinica users benefit from sharing consistent trial data across the entire enterprise. This allows the sponsor organization to streamline processes, appropriately respond to current statuses and proactively manage their trials.

Product Highlights

  • Easy to setup and access
  • Centralized and shared information to manage multiple studies across multiple sites
  • Efficient communication and collaboration between all stakeholders
  • Customized solution for sophisticated imaging trials
  • Extensive data capture and analytics
  • Interoperable, out-of-box integration with Radiant Sage’s product modules such as Core-Lab-in-a-Box, Archival system using CDISK ODM standards via web services

Product Features

  • Study protocol setup and management
  • Site management
  • Subject enrollment and management
  • Study contacts (study, sites, vendors etc.)
  • Site monitoring and site portal
  • Project planning and status
  • Document tracking and management
  • Task-based workflow
  • Seamless integration with Core-Lab-in-a-Box with web-based protocols, image process tracking                
  • Reporting and analytics, MCC reporting
  • Financial management and budget planning
  • Supplies