Our Mission

" Deliver game changing solutions to simplify clinical image management in clinical drug and device development "

Our Core Beliefs

Radiant Sage's core belief is to give control back to the sponsor while managing clinical imaging trials. We believe that clinical trial outsourcing should not be at the expense of loosing control of the trial or the flexibility to selectively outsource certain components of the trial.

The sponsor must have transparency throughout the trial process and have the flexibility to outsource or insource specific components of the trial. We further believe that the greater the sponsor involvement in the development process, the more their learning and subsequent impact on design, execution and outcome.

Our Focus

Radiant Sage is focused on providing clinical image management solutions for the pharmaceutical, device, bio tech and research organizations involved in drug discovery and research. Our solutions are the only purpose built offerings available on the market today. They are Web 2.0 based offered under a SaaS delivery model providing full functionality of a core lab. The solutions have been specifically designed to enable sponsors to retain control of the trial without having to resort to expensive, time consuming, error prone and inefficient options available today.